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H3TACTICAL, in a very short span of time has taken a progressive approach across the Map in the United States of America. United States, being one of the largest market to date,
We welcome your interest for being an authorized USA Dealer/Agent Partner.For the next due diligence step, we request you for the following please; Letter of Interest, Company profile and your business coordinates – email, phone, and website.
Interested USA Agents or Dealers are welcome to make further queries or address your concerns @ click here and kindly send us your information.
We look forward to Partnering with you and growing a successful future, together.

The United States military and its many branches are the first line of defence for American citizens. The military is built of strong, driven individuals who have committed their lives and their careers to serving the people in our country every day. Each branch of the military provides essential and specialist knowledge and expertise in order to fully protect America and all this country stands for. H3TacticalUSA is no stranger to working with the military and the talented individuals there.

H3TacticalUSA is proud to outfit members of the military with timepieces that are highly functional to keep up with the demands of the job. H3TacticalUSA’s Swiss tactical watches collection are specially designed for use in the military- they are Swiss made and stainless steel, with a sapphire crystal face. Our watches are protected with warranty, hence saving the watches from routine damage. Lightweight and sturdy, this watch will keep up with members of the military no matter what their day looks like.