Mission Statement

Hello to everyone that reads our column. 
U.S. Armed Forces Military Watches is a license trademark that features the official US. military logo’s on watches, not squadron mark’s from the military. 
I feel honoured to explain the goal and purpose of this organization after talking with a few friends in the same line of business.

The goal & purpose of our license is to acknowledge and give back to those who strives to make living
in this great county safe. 

Those service members, young, old, active, reserved, retired and their families providing a priceless time piece to cherish. Also opening doors to the military market for watch company’s. 

I’m not trying to re-invent the wheel and compete against buyers, sellers, retail stores, and distributors. There are business that have experience and expertise in this line of work.

I hold a high responsibility being the bearer of U.S. Military logo’s on watches. There is a saying that goes” you pay for your education but you’re made for your calling”. One of our mission is to build a relationship around the world for a common purpose, and a common cause (unity). 

Our goal is to show that it’s not always about war, that it can be about unity and business relationships as well. We strive to build relationships world wide, build morale, and raise funds for our youth programs and jobs for our Veterans.

This is a new market for watch companies to reach a broader audience worldwide. With our logo’s your company will be reaching all five branches of the US. Military. Enlisted service members, retired service members, those that graduate from the Academies, military members birthday’s, Veteran Day, Memorial Day and collector’s too.

This is a industry reaching an estimated 10 million solders and family members.

U.S. Armed Forces Military Watches is already apart of history; we are just continuing in the direction sharing this great opportunity with the watch industry moving forward with new ideas in different view points and a broader outlook of what’s to come.

Best Regards
President I CEO
Stoney D. Evans

The U.S. ARMED FORCES MILITARY WATCHES will surprise you by its high resistance,this watch is ready to reach all the limits.

High altitude and deep depth resistance, long life battery and scratch proof sapphire crystal make this timepiece a unique and faithful time instrument.

Our watches are tested by professionals on the field.
We invite you to discover US Military watch as your next wristwatch.
Night vision

US Military watches are sturdy Swiss watches equipped with Swiss H3-GTLS self powered permanent illumination system.

This collection has been specifically designed to answer professionals extreme requirements.

These tactical tritium watches glow 100 times brighter than watches with another illumination system.
U.S. ARMED FORCES MILITARY WATCHES self-powered illumination system is guaranteed for 10 years.

Commander Special

Stainless steel case IP black 20 atm Sapphire crystal Stainless Steel BraceletMovement: Chronograph with date 2 year limited warranty Permanent self activated illumination system Weight 197g Ø 44 mm Delivery in March 2016.

Trooper Carbon

Stainless steel case IP black 10 atm Hardened mineral crystal Nato strap Movement: Quartz 3-hand with date 2 year limited warranty Permanent self activated illumination system Weight 74g Ø 44 mm Delivery in March, 2016.